Sunday, July 6, 2008


OLSHA: A Historical Account
By Norma I. Galang

The Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy (OLSHA) is a non-stock, non-profit Catholic educational institution. It is situated in Afan Salvador Street, on a 1.5 hectare area within the compound of the Catholic church of Guimba, Nueva Ecija. Administered by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) with the assistance of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Mother of God (SFIC), it offers complete pre-school, elementary and secondary education. OLSHA is a member of the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

The beginnings of OLSHA goes back to June 26, 1947 when it was founded by Reverend Andrew Corsten, MSC, a Dutch missionary. It had a humble beginning. It started as five-room building with sawali wallings which housed 175 grade school pupils and 20 first year high school students during its initial year of operation.

OLSHAs articles of incorporation were approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 1, 1947 with the following incorporators: Mr. Juan Faustino, Mr. Francisco Narciso, Mr. Bienvenido Wilwayco, Mr. Felimon Cuyco and Rev. Fr. Andrew Corsten, MSC. The Grade School Department gained government recognition on August 24, 1948 while the High School Department was recognized on July 5, 1949. The Kindergarten course was opened in June of 1968.

In 1948, the SFIC religious community headed by Mother Lutgardis Sonnemans, a Dutch missionary arrived in Guimba to assist in the management of the school. Other SFIC sisters came later to help administer the school. Up to the present, the principal of OLSHA Grade School is a Franciscan Sister. In the High School, however, a lay person was ready to take over the principalship in December 1997 in the person of Mr. Aquilino Ben, followed by Ms. Norma I. Galang, who is the principal up to now.

OLSHA produced its first set of thirty three high school graduates in 1949. The year 1950 paved the way for the opening of the college department. OLSHA was changed to OLSHCO but it eventually closed in 1955 due to financial problems.

The first Director of OLSHA was Rev. Fr. Corsten, MSC (1947-1953) and he became director again in 1963-1964. Six other MSC priests have taken over the help of OLSHA as director, namely: Fr. George Haggenburg (1953-1960), Fr. Reinier Van Glansbeek (1960-1961), Fr. Pedro Magugat (1961-1963), Fr. Henry de Hey (1965-1985), Fr. Agustin Polong (1985-1987) and Fr. Manuel P. Hilario (1988 to date). Longest to stay as Director was Fr. Henry de Hey, who spanned two decades without interruption. It was during his time when the great expansion of school facilities were made.

The current school Director, Fr. Manuel P. Hilario is following the same direction. In thirteen years of quiet yet committed work as school Director, he has radically pushed forward the infrastructure development project and has propelled the institution to staggering breakthrough. New buildings and school facilities were constructed during his term like a multi-purpose gymnasium, audio-visual and conference room, Finance and Accounting offices, air-conditioned computer rooms, laboratory rooms, new library, canteen extension and two storey 24 rooms for elementary use and administration office.

Through the years OLSHA has steadily grown in the size of its faculty and studentry, in its physical plant and facilities and its service to people inspite of the economic, political and social problems that have continuously challenged Philippine education.

Time, places, persons may have changed or been long gone but the growth of OLSHA continues. Yes, it will continue to carry its commitment to the total development of the human person through education in the years that lie ahead.


armando tabaquin said...

to miss norma galang,
I hope you still remember me name is armando
tabaquin. I graduated 70's long time I have been out of the country 30 yrs. nice school bcom college now
please post more picture of suroundings, about my classmates, classmate is yur brother youngest one.
e-mail address
I hope to hear from the school

Anonymous said...

where is the OLSHA i used to know? I am an alumnus of OLSHA. now i have a small child enrolled in the grade school..this year the new principal and her faculty are in their extreme power over the parents of their pupils. they compute their grades check them and allegedly triple checked by their principal almighty and that's it!>>>>> given to the parents who are supposed to accept everything with bowed heads... no questions asked...kawawa naman ang mga magulang na nagbabayad ng tuition para maswelduhan ang mga powertripping na mga teachers walang boses...what happened to my beloved OLSHA? wala na talaga OLSCHO na nga pala ito..tsk..tsk..tsk

Anonymous said...

My name is Victoria Bugtong Ancheta
Class 71. To actually see pictures of my high school is truly unbelievable!
Thank you for posting them on line. Being away for so long then actually looking at these pictures
makes you look back and remember a lot of wonderful good memories. OLSHA gave us wisdom and molded us to what we are now and for these I am forever grateful. We could be away from home and yet we are strong because we are a product of OLSHA. I am looking forward to actually come home and see my beloved Alma Mater. Again from the bottom of my heart Thank You for the wisdom,knowledge, and the much needed guidance during my younger years.